Study: Extreme Politics Replacing Moderate Views

There used to be common ground between Democrats and Republicans. Gone are the days of being a moderate, according to a Pew Research Center survey. More and more people are feeling politically isolated because of the extremes to one side or the other.

Texas Young Republican Federation's Chris Carmona says social issues (gay marriage, immigration, pro-life) are driving more people to get politically involved whether it’s the extreme left or right.

"When these social issues became so important to everyone, you had to find an enemy, you had to find an alli, and the best way to do that is try to find political friends because you want to push your ideas forward and the best way to do that is through legislation," said Carmona. “It’s becoming dangerous, because in the past, there was always the mantra that you’d always put people over party. Well, now, it’s more or less you have to have the party over the people.”

He said you don't see that polar opposition come into play with fiscal matters.

“You see more and more people gravitating to one extreme or the other because they want to be accepted within the party and that’s why you’re losing some of that core middle ground of the moderate section for both parties,” said Carmona.

Carmona said it will be the younger generation that will cause a pushback where people are the forefront over the political party.

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