POLL: Pre-Orders for Latest iPhone Underway Today

Apple started taking orders at 2 a.m. Friday for the sleek, glass-encased iPhone X (always pronounced as the number “ten” among the super-cool) -- the opening chapter of the latest in the company’s series of earth-shattering product introductions.

You can put in a pre-order today, hopefully.  The demand is expected to be high, according to Mohammed Azam, a coder with The Iron Yard in Houston.

“Even though the price is a thousand dollars, I think the product will be sold out,” he tells Newsradio 740 KTRH.  Many think they’re already sold out. It probably happened within five minutes of the phones opening.

That’s what Apple and their shareholders are hoping.

Pre-orders are made through Apple or your carrier, and can be purchased on a monthly installment plan, if they’re still available.

If it seems like we just went through this, we did.  The Apple iPhone 8 and 8s came out last month, to less fanfare and significantly less enthusiasm from consumers.  “The whole thing is a slab of glass now,” Azam says of the iPhone X. “So it’s a complete redesign, and I think that’s why you see a lot of iPhone 8 sales not happening, because people are just waiting for iPhone X.”

Apple is reserving a few to be available when the product actually debuts in stores next Thursday.

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