Sexting leading to divorce

E-mails, texting apps and other online social media has transformed the divorce field.

It used to be a big deal, and actually a crime, to commit adultery, because it would effect who received custody of the children.

As technology advances, so do the ways to be unfaithful. Houston divorce attorney Reid McInvale said every time, he tells his clients to print out e-mails and texts.

“Sometimes, certainly not as often, they will have nude photos of their husband’s show his…arrogance… and sometimes naked women photos coming back the other way, all of that has transformed the divorce field since 1982 to now,” said McInvale.

He said it's usually husbands who are the cheaters through Tinder and Match apps on their cell phones.

“For some reason they think texts are private and they don’t realize how easily a spouse can hack into their texts. I can subpoena the suspected girlfriend’s phone. My first suggestion to clients is go unfriend everybody and get off Facebook,” said McInvale.

McInvale says even if you delete your adulterous texts, they are still there forever, and can be found with the help of technical support.

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