Houston’s economic changes stark over ten years

We know that Houston’s economy had grown for years. But you might be surprised to know how much change has really occurred.

According to research done by Magnify Money, over a ten year period ending last year, Houston is the third most changed city - economically - in the country. Researcher Brian Karimzad explains what we are doing right.

“House prices are number two in the nation; up almost 40 percent in the last ten years,” Karimzad told KTRH News.

But the news isn't all good. Karimzad says there are areas we can actually do better.

“Commute time growth; anyone listening in the car is aware of this,” Karimzad stated.

Houston was not the only Texas city on the list or even in the top five. As we mentioned, it was third; right behind Dallas with Austin taking the top spot.

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