Proposal: Fine ordinary people for sharing ‘Fake News’

Fake news has become a major problem over the last year, and one Democrat wants to solve it by holding you accountable and not the people that put the fake news out there.

The Former Federal Elections Commission Chairman, Ann Ravel is pushing for fines for individuals that share fake news online. Allen Dickerson at the Center for Competitive Politics told KTRH he has major issues with this.

“By threatening ordinary Americans with expensive legal action, the result is that ordinary Americans will be scared off of engaging in speech that government disfavors. That’s what the First Amendment prevents,” Dickerson explained.

Political analyst Chris Begala says this would simply be an overreach if something like this actually became a law on the books.

“This is big government gone crazy. I don’t think that even ultra-liberals will pay much attention to this proposal. They are going to ignore it,” Begala said, adding that the target shouldn't be you sharing news stories that might be fake news; it should be the media organizations like CNN or the Washington Post putting it out there in the first place.

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