Canada Asks USA To Help Stop Illegal Border Crossings

When then candidate Donald Trump was running for president last year, many people promised they would move to Canada if he were to get in office. Now that his presidency has become a reality, it looks like a lot of people are making good on that promise.

More than 15,000 people have illegally crossed the US-Canadian border to claim refugee status in Canada this year. Most of whom were denied admission to the us. The asylum seekers claim they are crossing the border in fear of being deported by the trump administration.

Ira Mehlman, from The Federation For American Immigration Reform, says this problem is a direct response to Canada’s prime minister.

“When Donald Trump came into office and said he was going to enforce US immigration law, Justin Trudeau’s response was ‘everyone will be welcome in Canada.’ And what we’re seeing now is a result of that statement” says Mehlman

Mehlman says if Canada wants to rectify the situation, there needs to be a uniform policy between the us and Canada. If someone is denied admission to one country, then they should automatically be denied admission to the other country.

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