State Investigating Debris Removal Companies

The state has opened an investigation into some debris removal companies in the wake of Harvey.

Spurred by a referral from Rebuild Texas chairman John Sharp, the investigation is examining agreements between companies and local governments for debris removal.

“I have asked General Paxton to open an investigation into some debris hauler’s activities in the wake of Hurricane Harvey,” said Chancellor Sharp, who leads the governor’s Rebuild Texas initiative. 

“While some haulers have done a remarkable job, I have serious concerns about others’ activities." Sharp said in a statement.

"It’s time to find out why some are moving too slowly, and why some are refusing help that would remove debris faster," he said.

“Debris removal companies may be over-promising and under-delivering,” the state Attorney General's Office said in a statement. "They cannot sign contracts with local governments, and then change the price or not deliver services.”

The AG's Office says its is examining representations made regarding debris removal efforts and whether the companies at issue are fulfilling their performance obligations.

Local governments affected are being ncouraged to contact the Texas Attorney General’s office and report their experiences.

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