POLL: Millennials prefer to text more than talk

A new survey finds that seven in every 10 millennials, and younger, prefer to text to communicate, rather than talk to another person.

But, technology strategist and futurist Crystal Washington said it's more efficient for all ages.

“With younger people, we’ve all gone through those awkward phases. But, using technology enables you not to have to deal with the awkwardness of asking someone to a dance, or confronting a friend who said a rumor. So really, it’s becoming a little bit of a crutch,” said Washington.

She said since the baby boomers and gen-Xers still rule the workplace, millennials and Gen Z's will have to have to learn how to interact with their elders.

Washington said there's definitely going to be some long term ramifications in relationships.

“Can people build strong, lasting relationships via text? This is even affecting the dating world,” said Washington.

She added parents of these young adults should still limit their children’s text time and encourage talking to them—especially while breaking bread.

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