Beware of 'Eating for Two'

Pregnant women frequently hit the fridge, saying they're "eating for two", but Cleveland Clinic Doctor Karen Cooper says says that doesn't mean you should double your calorie intake:

"It means that you are mindful that you need a little bit more extra calories while you're carrying your baby.  And calories that are nutrient dense, and that will support your health and the baby's health."

A recent study shows more than two-thirds of pregnant women either gain more or less than the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy.  

Current recommendations say women who start pregnancy with a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) should gain between 25 and 30 pounds.  That drops to between 15 and 25 pounds for women with an overweight BMI.

"I think it would be really important for all women who are becoming pregnant to have an appointment or a consultation with a dietician to ensure that they know what to eat during their pregnancy."

Staying within the suggested guidelines helps prevent pregnancy complications and protects the growing baby.

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