The Bulls don't have to stop running

As the Dow flirts with a finish over 23,000, some wonder when the bull market will end. Others say it doesn't have to end, if the GOP cuts taxes.

Economist Dr. Peter Morici says the bull market can continue.

"I don't believe we have an end in sight; we really can't predict an end because the fundamentals under the market are very good. We have and are going to have very strong profits growth."

But if the GOP doesn't deliver on tax cuts, all bets are off.

"Now, if the republicans fail to get the tax cuts the market psychology could be quite negative; it's unfortunate because the fundamentals of the economy are there whether or not we have the tax cuts."

Dr. Morici says there'll be corrections, but that doesn't mean disaster, as some are forecasting.

"One thing is you don't get headlines by right now by saying this will go on forever; you get headlines by predicting a catastrophe. The second thing is, we always have corrections, that doesn't mean the bull market ends. If we don't get a tax cut, look for a correction."

Dr. Morici says the top selling brands worldwide are American and if that continues American companies will continue to be profitable.

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