Texas Lawmaker Leads the Way on Tax Reform

He's one of the top architects of tax reform; Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady - who chairs the House Ways & Means Committee - talked about how his committee wants to "think fresh" about maintaining incentives while simplifying the tax code.

"Keeping what we have is not an option. We can't afford to continue this slow growth status quo and the broken tax code that has perpetuated much of it."

During an appearance Wednesday at the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University, Brady said economic growth is a driving force behind the success of the reform plan.

"We are eliminating loopholes, and special deductions, and exclusions, so that we encourage companies to invest their time and money - not in finding new and better tax breaks - but in creating new and better jobs."

He continues to hold out hope that some democrat will join him in finding a solution to the burdensome tax code, saying "Bipartisan tax reform is always the preferable way... I'm talking about a tax code that rewards people... families and job creators for investing their time, their energy, and their hard work in productive activities that truly drive our economy."

Congressman Brady hopes to have something on President Trump's desk by the end of the year.

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