Tech Items Expected to Boost Holiday Sales

Americans are expected to spend more than $678 billion this holiday shopping season -- up nearly four percent over 2016, according to the National Retail Federation.

Home assistants are the hottest trend right now, Amazon's Echo, Google Home and now Apple HomePod. 

"Amazon and Google are trying to win the market and see what kind of technology is going to win the American consumer's home, so expect really great prices from both of those two players," Carson Yarbrough, PR and marketing associate for

Big screen televisions are still the big prize on Black Friday.

"You’ll see 4K television sets go for the same price as the 1080p sets were last year, so definitely be there bright and early in the morning or have your computer ready online to get those immediate door buster deals," says Yarbrough.

Retailers also will offer gift card kickbacks and free trade-ins on smart phones this year.

"Avoid the Apple Store for deals,” says Yarbrough.  “You're going to find the best deals at big box stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Target and directly from the carries like Verizon and T-Mobil."

But Yarbrough says keep in mind some of the smaller wearable technology continues to get better.

"A lot of the Fitbit makers are making smart watches that can integrate your phone and texting just like the Apple watches do," she says.  "You're going to find the best deals for fitness trackers and smart watches at Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy too."

Yarbrough says you're better off scouting retailers online before Black Friday, to see where the best deals are.  Keep in mind the trend of camping out for deals has faded in recent years as more people shop online.

She also reminds shoppers that Black Friday deals are usually on one specific item, while Cyber Monday may be 30-40% off your entire online purchase.

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