Stress worse than high fat diets

You might as well eat all those candies and ....because a study finds that too much stress, or constantly stressing out is actually worse. Stress and high-fat diet have similar effect on digestive system of female mice.

Marula Medical psychotherapist John Edmonson said stress affects your longevity, health and over all well being.

"It can affect your digestion, your mood and even the chemicals that are released inside your brain which affect your overall feelings and emotions and ability to think. And, in the long run as well, reducing the ability of the immune system. And even the function of our heart and mind.

Edmonson says a little bit of stress is good for you because it gives you energy and gets you moving.

Wellness expert John Edmonson says when you're really stressed out, more cortisol is released.

"What does that mean? It means that we're actually going to start gaining more weight around our waistline. And, that weight is something that's much harder to get rid of, less attractive and even causes more stress because we look down and we see it," said Edmonson.

He said when you wake up, start thinking about what you want in the day instead of worrying about it.

Edmonson said in times of trauma, accept what is going on in that moment and ask yourself if you're doing the best you can and look for support from other people.

"Support and human connection is vital for our health and well-being. The more we reach out, the more we help others and support each other in times of stress, the better we feel on the inside. It even changes the chemistry of our brain,” said Edmonson.

He said don't forget to breath. When you find yourself stressing out, or getting stressed, take 10 deep inhales and exhales in a row.

Find one thing that makes you smile or appreciate, grateful for, and focus on that. We are the only ones who can control how we talk, think and act.

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