Another tool to diagnose head injuries on the sideline

For parents who worry about concussions when their kids play sports; there's an app for that. The smart phone app can monitor a child's pupils to see if a hit may have caused a head injury.

Concussion expert Dr. Sally Fryer Dietz says it'll help but it's not a panacea.

"My concern would be these kids go home or adults go home and they get into trouble later and think that everything's okay; that they've been cleared."

But Dr. Dietz likes the idea of having this on the sideline.

"I think it would be a good "one" tool; I don't think it should be used to exclusion. I don't think it gives you the big picture unless there's a serious injury right away."

The app scans the pupils to determine their reaction to light.

"And that's great but what about all the kids who don't have those overt signs right off the bat? If you're gonna use that as your tool to keep someone in the game or out of the game then you're kind of playing with fire."

Dr. Dietz says some athletes may develop a serious head injury over a period of hours, so the smart phone app could create a false sense of security.

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