American immigrant population hits record high

The immigrant population in the United States has hit a record high of 60 million according to a new set of numbers from an immigration think tank.

The new numbers show the immigrant community now makes up one-fifth of the country's population. Steven Camarota from the Center for Immigration Studies tells KTRH the result of this is a change in our culture.

“About one of four kids in public school is from an immigrant family, and they also speak another language other than English at home,” Camarota explained.

And you see the impacts around Houston with signs in languages other than English. Are we trying too hard to assimilate to the immigrants? Camarota says the old way of thinking; that immigrants assimilated to us, seems to be a thing of the past.

“Those ideas have been to some extent supplanted by the rise of a multi-cultural ideology; that America really doesn’t have a culture that immigrants need to assimilate to,” Camarota explained. 

Texas is one of the states, according to this new report, that has seen the largest increase in the immigrant population from 2010 to 2016. The state's immigrant population rose by almost 600 thousand during that time frame.

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