Women’s equality means staying single

People have been known to say they don't have children because they can't afford them. Now, people claim they can't afford to get married.

Pew Research Center data shows that a man becomes marriage material once he makes at least $40,000. Experts claim men can no longer earn a salary large enough to sustain a family. Rice University Sociology professor Steve Murdock said women still aren't making as much as men in the same positions.

“But, they’re getting closer. Which means, as their income goes up, they’re having the kinds of resources necessary to live independently,” said Murdock.

He said over the past 20-25 years, equity in the workplace has allowed women to make choices that weren't possible last century.

Murdock said woman, while don't make as much as men, are successful enough to go through life without having to be married.

“On one hand, I think people will look at it and say this is unfortunate to see decrease in marriages. I think on the other hand, what it does point to, is an increasing move towards equity between women and men,” said Murdock.

Research shows men who are less educated, Hispanics and blacks are the ones staying single.

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