It's a good Month to buy a Car

October is a good month to buy a 2017 model car; December is a good month to buy a 2018. But if you've ever wondered why the same car is a different price at another dealership, listen up.

KTRH Car Pro Jerry Reynolds says dealerships have incentive programs.

"If a customer comes in after one dealer has met their objective and has the extra money coming in and they shop against a different dealer that hasn't met their objective then the price can be very different on what the consumer gets."

But Reynolds says not all dealerships do this and it's not all the time. He says now is a good time to buy last year's model and Christmas is the best time to shop for a 2018.

"It's not necessarily a good time to buy, today, what would be a 2018. That's generally the last week of December; that's when the incentives get really big as the automakers try to meet their goals for the year."

Some dealers argue the so-called Stair-Step incentive programs are bad for dealerships because they hurt brand loyalty.

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