Some Jobs Will Disappear

Technology has changed everything about how the world operates, including the work we do and will be doing in the future.

Some jobs won’t survive the decade, speculates culture architect and business guru Dr. Daren Martin.  The Fortune 500 consultant thinks among the professions that will disappear quickly are “decision-tree” based jobs.  “Any job that comes to a juncture where you have an ‘if this than that’ logic because AI computers can make those kind of decisions,” he tells Newsradio 740 KTRH. He puts accounting in that category of careers likely to succumb to artificial intelligence.  “The jobs that will survive are more creative, more people based, require you to use more of your right brain than your left brain.  A lot of the left brain jobs are going to be in trouble.”

Among the threatened professions are librarians, travel agents, paper delivery, cashiers, telemarketers, word processors, and social media managers.


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