No Tolerance for Pro-Life College Students

As cultural debates continue over the national anthem, civil rights, women's rights and confederate symbols, college campuses are silencing the pro-life movement.

From New York to California, even here in Texas, pro-life college students are being denied the ability to spread their message.

“Taking flyers out of the hands of people passing out flyers and throwing them away,” says John Seago, legislative director of Texas Right to Life.  “Students will set up small crosses on the main lawn of the college campus and there have been multiple accounts of students coming and knocking them down.”

Students at Southern Methodist University recently fought a decision doing away with pro-life and even 9/11 memorial displays on campus.

“It doesn't matter whether it's a conversation you want to have or want to hear about, every student organization should have the same access to express themselves, educate the college campus and start a conversation,” says Seago.

But Seago says efforts to silent the pro-life movement goes far beyond the college campus.

“We've had fights with the Texas Ethics Commission and rules they are trying to pass to stop the free speech of non-profit organizations,” he says.  “This kind of topic of free speech for the pro-life movement is absolutely critical for our cause.”

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