Kaepernick files grievance as NFL anthem protests continue

The NFL National Anthem controversy is so hot right now that the broadcast networks have stopped showing the anthem being sung. And the one player that started the controversy is now taking legal action against the league.

Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance with the league, claiming the owners have colluded to keep him unemployed. ABC's Ron Claiborne says he's unlikely to win.

“It will be very difficult to prove collusion; that the owners actually got together to deny employment to Kaepernick,” Claiborne says.

Kaepernick is also taking on the President with this grievance, because of these comments he made during a speech in Alabama last month. Trump called for NFL owners to cut players who did not stand during the anthem.

While you didn't see the anthem on TV, there were players who took a knee around the league. Don Hooper of Big Jolly Politics says the league got dragged in to this whole thing by the left.

“The left created a controversy with the one place people went to in order to get away from politics,” Hooper told KTRH News.

NFL owners will address this issue during their meetings this week. Texans President Jamey Rootes, during the  AXS Ticketing Symposium, said the protest is starting to impact the NFL's business.

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