Social Media is Exhausting Us All

We know we are addicted to social media, but are learning now that it’s exhausting us.  Doctors are wondering if a general fatigue patients complain of might be caused by an unceasing obsession with sites like Facebook and Twitter.

“I think obsessive is really a good word for it.  It activates certain pleasure centers of the brain.  We’re getting our little rewards,” explains Lori Vann, a licensed counselor who works with teens and families.  She says the down side is when we anticipate “likes” that don’t come and feel depressed or rejected.

We’re having relationships with devices and not people, Vann says, and our brains are tired of trying to make sense of it.  “It absolutely wears us down, and for a variety of reasons, such as that constant ‘on’ button of ‘I just heard my phone go off!’”  We are on call 24/7/365 and it’s taking a toll she suggests.

Van recommends using the timer that is part of the clock app on phones and devices (or this).  Set it for ten minutes before you open your Facebook page, and close down your social media when the buzzer goes off.  Take control.

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