POLL: The NFL is now One of the most divisive Brands

Since its inception the NFL has tried to cultivate a relationship with the military branches. But now that image of service to country may be in jeopardy as players disrespect the anthem and the flag before games.

University of Houston marketing expert Dr. Betsy Gelb says the kneeling has made us forget about the concussion issue.

"The second issue is concussions and the lasting health effects for players and right now that's taking way a back seat."

Dr. Gelb suspects in a year or so we may have forgotten about the kneeling.

"I see this more as a kind of jagged up and down more than I see it as a trend line going in an unfavorable direction."

Dr. Gelb says when the commissioner announced players "should" stand for the anthem that was enough for some fans.

"If you're talking about the image of the organization, I would think for people who wanted a reason to like them -- because people see what they want to see -- 'okay, they did their thing.'"

NFL owners say they'll decide whether or not to make standing mandatory. But Dr. Gelb says there's a good chance in the near future we'll forget about all this political turbulence and go back to just enjoying the games.

Dr. Gelb says baseball remains our national pastime. Go Astros!

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