POLL: Is new bullying law going to extremes?

Bullying has become a bigger problem over the years because of cyberbullying. One town is trying to combat this by creating a tougher anti-bullying law, one that punishes parents for what their kids do.

The law in suburban Buffalo, NY would fine parents $250 and jail them for 15 days for repeated bullying in a 90 day period. Parenting expert Maria Luce tells KTRH she's not sure she agrees with it.

“This brings up more questions than answers. Are we now bullying parents,” Luce asked.

Luce says she credits the town for trying something because today, leaving school doesn't mean your kids are escaping the bullying.

“The bullying never stops, and it can be much more damaging in today’s era of growing up with social media,” Luce explained.

We checked with some of our local school districts here. They all, including HISD and Fort Bend ISD, have policies on bullying. None of them hold the parents of bullies responsible for what their kids do.

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