Even tech inventors think it’s too addictive

The technology you live with every day, whether it’s your phone or your laptop has become an increasingly bigger part of your life. And even the folks that created some of this technology say they have had enough.

That's right; the folks from Silicon Valley that brought you the 'Like' button on Facebook and others are trying to unplug themselves. They say it's because of the addictive nature of it all. Tech expert Peter Shankman told KTRH they have a point.

“Every time you get a text message, email or Facebook notification, your brain emits dopamine; the same drug that your brain emits when you do lines of cocaine or eat too much chocolate,” Shankman explained.

And this could be why we reach for our phones as soon as we feel them vibrate or the notification sound goes off. Shankman says what was a good idea years ago may, in hindsight, not have been so good after all.

“It’s the classic question that you were so busy focusing on whether or not you could you never stopped to think whether or not you should,” Shankman stated.

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