Wildfires Will Mean Less Wine, Higher Prices

The loss of life and property in the California wildfires continues -- and there'll be lasting impact to the vineyards and wineries as well, perhaps for years.

The devastating wildfires in wine country have been and dangerous -- and even after the last flames are extinguished, there'll be lasting impact on wine drinkers nationwide.

Supply of wine is expected to go down, with prices correspondingly going up, experts say.

Liz Palmer, owner of The Wine School of Houston, says people who favor California wines will likely find less of it, and pay more for it.

Palmer explains to Newsradio 740 KTRH that the wildfire smoke can waft over grapes on the vine and seep into fermentation casks – causing “smoke taint,” which irrevocably affects the flavor by infusing a vaguely ashy taste.

But wine drinkers likely won't teetotal because of it, so that may expose more people to the wines of Texas -- where 200 wineries make the state the fourth-biggest producer in the nation.

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