Weinstein scandal exposes liberal double standard again

The Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal is, once again, exposing the double standard liberals seem to have.

It took a long time for Hollywood to speak out against Weinstein, but if it had been a conservative it would have been a much different story.

“They are only outraged over conservative scandals, not the liberal ones,” KTRH’s Sean Hannity said on Fox News Monday night.

Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review says this is not the only issue they have a double standard for.

“They are pro-choice when it comes to abortion, but they are not pro-choice when it comes to people having a chance to own guns,” Polland said.

The left also rails against the death penalty, which seems in contrast to their stance on abortion rights. And they also seem to be more forgiving when it comes to one of their own being caught up in a scandal like Weinstein is. Polland thinks that down the road, Weinstein will be back in the left's good graces.

“They make excuses and sweep it under the rug. I’m willing to bet in a couple of years he’ll be rehabilitated,” Polland explained.

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