More people face risk of dying alone

When one dies, not many say they wish they would've worked more. Instead, it’s usually they wish they would’ve spent more time with loved ones. In a new study released this month, the number of older Americans with no living kin, is about to surge. Four Stones Group Psychiatrist Dr. David Henderson said the foundation of a family is deteriorating replaced with work success.

“In the latter years of life, if you haven’t established those good, firm, foundational relationships that are going to stick with you through the good and the bad times, it’s very common for people to find themselves lonely,” said Henderson.

He said besides people living longer nowadays, today's culture creates superficial substitutes like social media relationships and living an isolated life, staying single, and not having children.

“Self-awareness is one of the key elements to facing and confronting loneliness,” said Henderson.

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