POLL: ‘Fake News’ won’t leave us anytime soon

Fake news is here to stay if you believe the results of a new study.

The study from research firm Gartner says by 2022 people will consume more fake news than real information. Political analyst Jim McGrath told KTRH he's not shocked at all; that it's a big problem and that you are leaving network news behind.

“People are just as likely to get their news from Facebook or Twitter as they are by watching one of the actual news organizations,” McGrath explained.

And he adds that fake news is shaping real opinions today.

“It’s going to put a premium on the work done by fine news organizations because people are going to look for organizations that put time and effort into discerning fact from fiction,” McGrath stated.

McGrath also says another result of all of this fake news is that the divide between conservatives and liberals is only getting bigger.

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