Rich men with extreme politics have happiest marriages

While most people say they are happy in their marriage, the ones that are happiest may or may not surprise you.

The research done by Philip Cohen at the University of Maryland shows those with extreme politics; either extreme left or right, are happiest. Cohen told KTRH it threw him for a loop.

“You might think that people like that might be angry in our climate, but they are more likely to describe their marriages as happy,” Cohen explained.

He also found that rich men were happier in their marriages, which didn’t shock relationship expert Donna Arp-Weitzman.

“That’s kind of hard to believe, right? But it does take the financial stress off the woman and the man,” she stated.

 65.8% of those who said they were 'extremely liberal' said they were happy in their marriage. That number among those who called themselves 'extremely conservative' was 68.5%.

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