It's not the Age of Aquarius; It's the Age of Bias

We've heard a lot about Facebook trying to weed out fake news stories, but conservatives fear the definition of fake news will be made by mostly liberals. Can we trust social media?  

Baylor social media expert Professor Jim Roberts says conservatives have a reason to be paranoid.

"They're gonna only go after opinions that seem to run counter to their stance on political and social issues, meaning that they're going to be leaning considerable left compared to what you see in the general population."

Professor Roberts says he tells his students to take it all with a grain of salt; all media sources are biased in some way.

"As I teach my students, I think you really have to consider the source and I don't think online is any different than traditional media; some newspapers lean left, some right and some try to get it about right, but I think all have a bias in one direction or another."

 Last week YouTube made news by tweaking its search results to weed out what it called conspiracy theories about the Las Vegas shooting and "hateful" opinions about the NFL National Anthem protests.

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