Study: Your car is distracting you

As you get ready to drive around and do your errands this weekend, your car’s dashboard, and maybe even your steering wheel, may have more distractions than you can handle.

It's all about the technology and in car entertainment according to a new study done by Triple-A. Daniel Armbruster with AAA Texas told KTRH says a lot of that tech is not necessary.

“They have added so many functions unrelated to the core functions of driving; like sending text messages, checking social media and even surfing the web. That’s causing drivers to be distracted while they’re behind the wheel,” Armbruster explained.

The new research also says saying that programming navigation is causing distractions; those systems can take 40 seconds to complete.

Car dealer Ray Huffines says yes, there is a lot of tech that didn't used to be available to you in your car, but there is another side to this argument; the tech has improved to the point that most of it is now hands free.

 “With voice commands now being so prevalent for many systems inside your car, that does keep people’s eyes on the road,” Huffines told KTRH News.

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