POLL: Selfies inspiring 'Facebook facelifts'

So many peoples’ lives are chronicled and displayed on social media and people are becoming more aware of their looks...and that's good news for plastic surgeons.

The pressure to look good on Instagram or Facebook is bringing a new crowd to go under the knife. Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Vitenas says people have become self-conscious of the way they look in social media pictures.

“We started seeing more people coming in for chin implants and liposuction of the submental area, because they were taking selfies with their chin down and they all saw double chin,” said Vitenas.

Facelifts are becoming much more common in younger people when they see sagging skin in selfies. Vitenas said in the last 10 to 15 years, women in their mid to late 30s are coming in for plastic surgery. Women in their early 40s are coming in to get necklifts for the sagging and extra skin there. These Facebook facelifts are for everyone, not just the wealthy or old.

Vitenas added people are becoming more conscious of face shape when looking at their selfies.

“We have a lot of Asians coming in, so we very often put in Botox and give them more of a V shape for their face, instead of that square kind of jaw. Conversley, guys come in and they want more of a square jaw,” said Vitenas.

Dr. De Silva says there’s a 15 percent increase in face and necklifts.

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