Parents Shield Children with Drug Tests

Drug test labs today are a common place to find parents with their teenage kids.  In some instances, says Any Lab Test Now owner Doug Conquest, they’re worried their child may be experimenting with illicit substances. Or, he suggests, often times they are offering a shield.

“So their child can say “I can’t try this drug’ to their peer group,” Conquest explains.  “We see that a lot.  Providing that shield to the child is a big part of why we see people come in to our location for a lab test now.”

Interesting tactic.

Conquest says whatever the parent’s reason for wanting the testing, his office in Sugar Land doesn’t require appointments and has results available from a ten-panel urine sample within minutes for prices under $100.  “Most typically we have a ten-panel drug test that screens for all common drug including THC, marijuana, opioids, heroin, some over the counter drugs,” Conquest tells KTRH News. Hair testing is also available.  Any Lab Test Now screens for more than just drug use.  They also test for allergies, cholesterol and diabetes, pregnancy and DNA paternity cases, among others.

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