POLL: Gun Raffle a Big Hit for Youth Football League

A local youth football league is getting lots of attention for holding a gun raffle as a fundraiser.

The raffle not only is drawing criticism following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, but some question whether guns are the right fit for a youth football program.

“The kids don't see a firearm, they're not holding them, they're not walking around the neighborhood selling them, they're just selling tickets to adults and honestly, usually the parents are the ones selling the tickets,” says Matt Murphy, vice president of the Crosby Youth Football League.

Murphy says the fundraiser actually started before Hurricane Harvey hit.

“The community, as you can tell by our ticket sales, they support the league,” he says.  “Otherwise we wouldn't make a $25,000 profit on this if people were against it.”

That's money that will be re-invested into the league.

“Chocolate that we've done, we usually see $3,000 to $4,000 in profits, and with this one we're able to get the scoreboards that we're needing and we're able to give out more scholarships to parents who weren't able to afford our registration but wanted their kids to play.”

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