Every time the Cat walks by he changes the Channel

This could be one of those cases where just because you can doesn't mean you should. Researchers in Britain say they're perfecting a TV remote control method that works with gestures.

High Tech Texan Michael Garfield says this is not cutting edge technology.

"I remember, easily, six years ago at the Consumer Electronics Show seeing this type of technology."

Garfield says even if it works, he's not sure he'd want it.

"We raise our glass to drink in front of the TV, maybe we eat -- we walk by the TV -- we're not trying to change the channel or turn the volume down."

Garfield says he'd like to see more voice control, like with some Comcast remotes.

"That's being adapted, slowly but surely, and I think that's a really useful way and better than actually having a camera monitor your gestures."

Also, Garfield says we might not want another camera -- built into the TV -- watching us in our living rooms.

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