Dow and Confidence Surge, but Trump's Polls Don't

The stock market has enjoyed the biggest bull run in its history since Donald Trump was elected president.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained 4,300 points since November -- a 23 percent gain – and American optimism about the economy has registered an all-time high in a CNBC survey, but there's been nearly no bump poll-wise for Trump.

A Rasmussen tracking poll shows that just 45 percent of the people surveyed approve of Trump's job as president, while 54 percent disapprove.

Some Wall Street watchers say Trump deserves more credit.

As for Trump's poll numbers, critics of the mainstream media say it might be the messenger. Analysis by the conservative Media Research Center claims that Trump has received “92 percent bad press” from the major TV network’s evening news shows since taking office.

The four-quarter average for every economic metric in the poll is at a record 10-year high.

Some market watchers say the low poll numbers for Trump indicate a real disconnect. Those analysts argue that there are not just good feelings, but hard dollars, being bet on the bull market and better times.

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