What Democrats aren’t telling you about gun control

In the days after the heinous shooting attack in Las Vegas, liberals are arguing that the United States needs tougher gun laws. They are looking for more gun control. But gun rights supporters say that isn’t the answer. And they have proof to back up their claims.

John Lott with the Crime Prevention Research Center told KTRH Europe has tried more gun control and when it comes to machine guns it simply has not been the answer.

“All four mass public shootings in 2015 involved machine guns as well as other weapons,” Lott told KTRH News.

Lott's issue with the left is they are politicizing this shooting too quickly; long before all of the facts have been established.

“The bizarre thing is that when these attacks occur they are pushing for specific gun laws before we even know the facts about what happened,” Lott explained.

And if you want more proof that more gun control isn't the answer, consider this. During the Obama years, the US saw 29 mass shootings. In that same time frame, Europe, with their tighter gun laws, had 26.

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