POLL: Mass shooting at hotel could effect security

You could see a change in security at hotels following Sunday’s deadly mass shooting Sunday night in Las Vegas.

If security is stepped up, former FBI agent James Conway said it would most likely happen in at the next big event at a hotel.

“We might see a paradigm shift and we may see increased security at hotels in the United States, something we haven’t seen before,” said Conway.

Conaway said hotel rooms would triple in price, if security for people would be like that at the airport. Baggage screenings, however, could be a reality.

He said outside of America, luggage is screened before going to hotels.

“Those parts of the world have a much greater threat matrix than we have here in the United States. And, we may see a shift to increase screening at hotels down the road,” said Conway.

Conway says your carry-ons get screened at airports or federal buildings, so it shouldn't be a problem at hotels.

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