Workout craze has taken over

From wearing exercise gear publicly to being all across social media—working out is the hottest trend.

Health experts say it's crucial to get a certified professional to help, don't try to go it on your own. Lone Star Fitness owner Kelly West said whatever you do, make sure your first step is to get checked out by a doctor.

“People are just going on to social media. They’re now telling other people, ‘you should do what I did’. These people aren’t professionals.

They don’t have degrees in exercise physiology. They don’t know what they’re doing,” said West.

Kelsey-Sebold's Dr. Richard Harris says that can be very dangerous.

“There is no one size fits all for this,” said Harris.

He adds some Instagram models give fitness the wrong image.

West said when it comes to social media, working out has gone too far.

“Everyone is posting pictures and video and hashtag fitinspo,” said West.

In reality, she said if people were overdoing it when working out--there wouldn't be so much of a Diabetes Type 2 epidemic on the rise, as well as obesity and heart problems.

West added find someone who knows what they're doing and will keep you safe.

Harris said exercise should be about being healthy.

“People who follow these Instagram models can get the wrong image of what fitness should actually be about,” said Harris.

Both agree fitness should not be a fad or immediate quick-fix.

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