POLL: Crosby Players Pay Price for Protest

Two players at a private high school in Crosby are kicked off the team, after staging protests during the national anthem.

"Before the game we always pray then say the anthem. At the game, I decided to stay on my knee."

Larry McCullough and his 16-year old cousin Cedric Ingram-Lewis admit to our TV partner KPRC Channel-2 they were warned by their coach before the game...

"My coach walked up to me and was like 'it was an honor having you on this team, but I'm not going to let you disrespect the flag like that', and told me to take off my stuff... I wasn't trying to disrespect the flag; it was really showing the injustice for black people and all the stuff going on, and the NFL and stuff like that. So I feel like I need to be a part of it too.

Victory and Worship Academy Head Coach Ronnie Mitchem - a former Marine - said his players were not allowed to protest during the anthem because he felt was disrespectful of veterans and others.

Mitchem released the following statement on Facebook:

"Thanks to all of you for your support. I want to be clear that I don't have a problem with people protesting if it is done the right way. But to disrespect the flag that gives us the right to protest is the wrong way to do it. I gave the two players other ways to protest that I felt was fair.

"I served in the U.S. Marine along side men of different colors and back grounds. My Marine drill instructors told us there was no black or white marine just marine Corp green and we would all fight for our country together. As a Christian We often times have different opinions on scripture but the one common thread to all believers is the blood of Jesus and what he did at the cross for us.

"As Americans we have one common thread and that is that men/women of all color have fought and died to give us the right to live free and to get to play football on a Friday night and all the other liberties we have. To disrespect that is not right. I love these two young men and one of them has spent the night at my house and I have taken him to football camps. He and my son are good friends. But I know and most

"Americans know and understand that if we lose that one common thread the love of country and respect for what we have then it won't be long before we lose that freedom that we have. Martin Luther King was one of the greatest men to ever live and he always had the American flag in his marches and rallies. He did not hate America he wanted America to be the greatest nation on earth and I do not believe his dream included disrespecting our great nation and those who have died for it.

"Black, white, Asian , Hispanic all have come to this great nation and many have died so I could Pastor/coach and play football on Friday night. Though many may disagree with me this is what I believe and as an American I have that right. I pray these young men across America can come to understand there is a right and wrong way to do things. God bless America."

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