New Jets for Southwest

Southwest is sending thirty of its oldest planes to the graveyard and getting new jets to replace 'em. To hear Southwest tell it, the 737 Max is the greatest thing since Orville and Wilbur.

Southwest's Mike Van De Ven says the new jets are better at just about everything.

"This new engine burns less fuel, requires less maintenance, makes less noise and produces less emissions than any engine in our current fleet."

Van De Ven says passengers will like 'em too.

"We've got galleys that give our flight attendants more room to work, we've got very comfortable seats -- some of the best pitch in the industry -- we've got headrests that form to the back of your neck with support; wider seats."

Van De Ven says some of the old planes are more than 30 years old.

"It's quieter, it's 50% quieter than the airplanes we fly today; it has 40% less emissions; it's got better fuel burn, it'll fly 300 to 500 miles further so it gets us better nonstop opportunities for our customers."

Southwest says the old 737-300 planes have been taken to Victorville, California, northwest of LA.

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