Louisiana Judge: Black Lives Matter Can’t be sued

A judge in Louisiana has dismissed a case against Black Lives Matter.

The lawsuit was brought by a police officer who was injured in protests shortly after the death of Alton Sterling last year. The judge in this case ruled that Black Lives Matter is a social movement and not an entity, and therefore cannot be sued. Gerald Treece, Constitutional law Professor at South Texas of College Houston, tells KTRH he was surprised by this.

“I thought they existed the way other groups did,” Treece said.

And Treece says if the judge is going to rule the way he did, that judge better be consistent if the shoe was on the other foot.

“I don’t think they can be a plaintiff, either. They can’t come in and have it both ways,” Treece explained, meaning they can't say they have the right to bring a lawsuit against someone of they can't be sued themselves.

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