Poll: Guess Which Gulf Coast Fans Tailgate Hardest?

Football season is in full swing -- but what are people doing before the big game? Offers.com surveyed over 1,000 consumers to discover America’s top tailgating trends. It found that while half of Americans (53%) prefer watching NFL games, 60% of consumers would rather tailgate at college games.

It also asked how many drinks consumers had per tailgate, and found the heaviest drinkers by state, with the top partying tailgate states being:

1. Connecticut.

2. Delaware.

3. Louisiana.

4. Nevada.

5. Idaho.

Texas didn't even crack the top seven. That makes our neighbors in Louisiana -- those fans of the LSU Tigers -- the top tailgaters on the Gulf Coast.

But no matter who you're rooting for, here's how Americans are tailgating across the country:

--A majority of Americans are “home-gaters” (36%) -- watching the game at home or a friend’s house.

--Cornhole is the favorite tailgating game of the season (51%).

--Most people prefer wings as their tailgating food

Beer is the favorite drink -- and a majority of people (67%) drinking alcoholic beverages while tailgating.

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