POLL: National Coffee Day

By decree of whoever decrees these things, today is National Coffee Day.

Walker Coffee Trading in Houston brings Columbian coffee traditions to H-Town, and the fragrances that come with them. Founder Monica Walker says it’s about the aroma, and the good feeling that comes with that morning cup of coffee. It’s about the community of sharing a special moment.

Various companies are celebrating, including:

Krispi Crème Donuts, who are offering free coffee all weekend.

Dunkin’ Donuts has a buy-one-get-one-free deal. Shipley Donuts has free coffee with a purchase at select locations.

Whole Foods is making a donation for each cup sold.

Coffee was introduced to humankind thanks to goats. Legend has it a shepherd in Ethiopia noticed a change in his goat’s behavior after they nibbled on some beans, put the beans in hot water and liked the taste.

Some place the event around 800 AD.

It remains good to the last drop to this day.

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