Half of American Couples Bicker Over Finances

Nearly half of Americans (48%) who are married or living with a partner admit to arguing over finances, according to a new study on money and relationships from TheCashlorette.com.

Of those in serious relationships who confess to arguing about money, the vast majority say it has to do with spending habits; 60% say either one person is spending too much or one person is being to frugal.

Additional survey highlights:

Who pays on a date? 

Women are more likely than men to let the other person pay for the date (46% versus 2%) or to split the bill (37% versus 9%). Millennials prefer to split the bill (33%).

What is the median amount spent on a date?

Older Millennials (ages 27-36) and Gen Xers’(ages 37-52) median response: $100; twice as much as younger millennials, Baby Boomers (ages 53-71) and the Silent Generation.

How much should be spent on an engagement ring?

One month's salary (23%) is the most popular answer across all generations. 

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