Gasoline Prices drop as Refineries come back

During Hurricane Harvey's attack on Houston some feared gasoline prices would spike 50 cents and not be stable for weeks or months. But the price didn't go that high and we seem to be ahead of schedule in getting refineries back online.

Gasbuddy's Patrick DeHaan says prices spiked about 40 cents, but have backed off.

"Since that peak a couple of weeks ago, around September 7th, prices have started to roll back; the average price in Houston is $2.42."

DeHaan says he's impressed by the refineries response to Harvey and prices seem to be stabilizing.

"I think they did a great job; some of them shut down ahead of the storm just to make sure they wouldn't have any emergencies issues arise -- those refineries being in Corpus Christi. I will say they have gotten back online faster than I anticipated."

However, prices are at least 30 to 44 cents higher than a month ago in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi.

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