Freedom -- with their exceptions

Decades ago college campuses were known for their tolerance of unpopular speech -- hippies celebrated it. But it turns out that only goes one direction, to the left; they're now censoring conservative voices -- sometimes with violence.

Political insider Chris Begala says colleges are tolerating so-called Antifa activists who are not protesters.

"People who riot, break windows, burn down buildings are rioters, they're not protesters; they don't just have a differing opinion to a speaker on campus."

Begala says, unfortunately, this trend is likely to continue, because it's also being tolerated, if not encouraged, by the mainstream media.

"Yes, you see more and more acceptance, in a way, from the national media for schools that are not allowing people to come on campus who may have a different opinion from the faculty and/or a decent majority of the student body."

Begala says the mainstream media won't criticize the left for doing this because they seem to agree.

UC-Berkeley, which has cancelled appearances by conservative commentator Ann Coulter and Breitbart provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, has cancelled a planned 'Free Speech Week' because it would have featured conservative speakers.

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