POLL: Media Zeroes in on NFL Versus Trump

The drive-by media has successfully driven a wedge between the National Football League and its fans by fanning the flames of black lives matter.

Colin Kaepernick's defiance during the national anthem last year has quickly morphed into a referendum on President Trump with everyone from NFL players to owners now kneeling together.

However, Monday Night Football demonstrated just how screwed up the NFL and media really is.

“The Cowboys were the team the NFL would not let celebrate and honor the five police officers who were slaughtered by a Black Lives Matter idiot,” says Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center.

However, Gainor says this thing was building long before the president criticized players for not standing during the anthem.

“This was going to happen this season, the sports media have been pushing it all off-season, all pre-season and all during the first two weeks,” he says. “They wanted this because sports writers are the most liberal of all journalists.”

There's no bigger culprit than ESPN, which fired many conservative commentators several months ago as the network pushes its social agenda.

“ESPN hasn’t been a sports network for years, ESPN is all propaganda,” says Gainor.  “They fired all their conservatives and the remaining left-wing lackeys spend all their time talking politics.”

Dallas Cowboys take a knee during Monday Night Football

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