Higher minimum wage hurts businesses and consumers

The minimum wage, if it gets raised as those on the left want to see, I would cost you more than you think.

We've seen some places go to automation to replace lower wage workers because of the debate. Vance Ginn at the Texas Public Policy Foundation tells KTRH it's costing businesses more and they are reacting accordingly.

“We have a reduction in lower skilled workers and an increase in higher skilled workers. It’s creating more of an income inequality gap,” Ginn said.

Ginn says that businesses are also passing their extra costs on to you. Now, we know that everyone would love to be making more money. Ginn says you have more leverage than you think.

“You have a lot of power as a worker. You can leave your job at any time. If you don’t think you’re making what your true value is, keep looking for another job,” Ginn explained.

In a recent study the average Texas worker feels that they deserve a raise of almost $9,000.

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