POLL: Good sex and sleep make you the happiest

Even if you quadruple your income...it does very little to increase to your happiness....according to an Oxford Economic research. Researchers have found money doesn't make you happy--it's sex and sleep--and getting enough of both!

A study has found that sex and sleep have the strongest association with a person’s wellbeing. Psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini isn't surprised.

“What makes people really happy is sleep and having a good connection with somebody they love,” Rapini said.

She said when you get good sleep your body just works better.

Rapini said spending time in the bedroom—and with a loved one—is what makes you most happy.

“You go through everything in life better when you’re with someone you love,” said Rapini. “And, it just so happens when you’re with someone you love, you get more sleep.”

A poll shows the most rested people do better than those who struggled with their sleep. People with satisfying sex lives also are in the upper tier of happiness.

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